Things I do

System Architecture. Process Optimization. Infrastructure Automation. CI/CD Pipelines. DevOps Culture. Containers and Orchestration. Docker. Kubernetes. Microservices. Node.js. JavaScript. Open Source.

How I work

I work for clients as a project partner at eye level. For me, open and direct communication is crucial for a trusting relationship. In exchange, I bring a fresh perspective and question assumptions and processes to gain a deeper understanding of the task at hand.

With a background in frontend and backend development, technical design and architecture, I have worked with a wide range of clients from various industries. This helps me to see requirements from different angles.

I want to work with dedicated teams that value ethical design and innovative, sustainable solutions. Diversity is a key factor, so I prefer to work in an inclusive environment.

Open Source & Community Engagement

Open Source contributor. Speaker. DevOps Düsseldorf and Webworker NRW member. Node.js Website Working Group lead. (since 2015) Screenguide author. (#32, #38) Working Draft Podcast guest. Webkraut. (2012–2015) Cologne.js organizer. (2011–2015) FrOSCon JavaScript track organizer. (2014, 2015)

Hire me

I’m primarily looking for clients in the Cologne/​Bonn/​Düsseldorf area who can be reached by car/public transport in reasonable time. Long commutes cost valuable time to work on your project productively.

So if you are located elsewhere and want to work with me, I’m happy to join you for kick-off and regular milestone meetings, but prefer to work remotely for the rest of the time.