I wore many different hats in over 15 years on the Web, ranging from frontend and backend development to team lead and consultant. In this time I worked with small clients, SMEs to international corporations from various industries. This helps me to understand requirements from different angles, find a common language and create better results.

By working on open-source projects like Node.js, I’m trying to improve the tools I use on a daily basis and give back to the community. That’s also why I regularly attend and speak at conferences and local meet-ups.

Hire me

I’m looking for the right client to work on the right project. Each is an excellent opportunity to both learn and teach. I especially enjoy working with a dedicated team, offering a fresh pair of eyes to improve workflows for developer happiness, security, robustness and shorter shipping time for new features.

I’m primarily looking for clients in the Cologne/Bonn/Dusseldorf area, which are reachable by car/public transport in a reasonable amount of time, not wasting it on long commutes. If you’re located elsewhere, I’m happy to join you for kick-off and regular milestone meetings, but prefer to work remotely.

Recent projects