The Done List

As modern knowledge workers, we tend to get obsessed with productivity. We want to use our time as effectively as possible, so there is a huge amount of to-do apps, task managers and organizers on the web and in every app store. There are even blog posts comparing different notebooks and bullet journals to match your taste of organizing.

But however meticulously you plan, there are days when you‘ve been working all day, but somehow none of those things you‘ve planned for today got ticked off your list. How could that happen? Where did all the time go?

This can really drag you down and leave the feeling that you didn‘t accomplish anything that day. But that‘s not true!

And for those days, I came up with a »Done List«. It‘s a simple text file on my desktop where I put down things I actually did that day, no matter if they were on my to-do list before. And looking at it, you can often find a lot of surprisingly good and important things, like:

So when there‘s a day when you have the feeling you just »wasted« your time, take a look at your Done List!