How I work

I love working for clients as a project partner on equal terms. Open and direct communication is important to me, building up trust and get getting a deep understanding for the issues at hand. Bringing a pair of fresh eyes to the table, I scrutinize assumptions and processes to come up with the best solution.

With a background in front-end and back-end development, technical design and architecture, I worked with a broad range of clients from various industries. This helps me to understand requirements from different angles and find a common understanding.

I especially enjoy working with a dedicated team who values ethical design and innovative, sustainable solutions. I also believe in the importance of diverse teams, so I’d prefer working in an inclusive environment.

Open Source & Community Engagement

Hire me

I’m primarily looking for clients in the Cologne/Bonn/Dusseldorf area, which are reachable by car/public transport in a reasonable amount of time. Long commutes limit my ability to work productively on your project.

So if you’re located elsewhere and want to work with me, I’m happy to join you on site for kick-off and regular milestone meetings, but prefer to work remotely for the rest of the time.

Want to know more? Check my working experience and recent client projects.