What I do

I help my clients with their digital transformation efforts. Starting in the run-up, during technical conception and iterative development and rollout. Having already worn many hats in this industry, Iʼm familiar with different views on a product. I can help to get everybody on the same page and mediate between stakeholders.

With »Infrastructure as Code« and configuration management I make complex infrastructure more transparent: It continuously documents the entire product life cycle and also helps to fulfill compliance requirements.

I automate testing and deployment processes to make developers more productive by eliminating repetitive tasks. Central aggregation and visualization of log files and metrics helps them to react quickly to problems and avoid outages.

Where it seems appropriate, I work with cloud native technologies.

How I work

Itʼs important to me to work with clients on an equal footing. This also means that I question things to get a better understanding of the task at hand. For me, open and direct communication is decisive for a trusting cooperation.

I strongly believe that we all have a responsibility to make sure that what we are building does no harm and I try to be as ethical as I can in taking on projects. Thatʼs why I prefer to work with dedicated and diverse teams that value ethical design and innovative, sustainable solutions.

For projects on site, Iʼm available in the Cologne/​Bonn/​Düsseldorf area. Longer distances are often stressful and cost valuable time, which can be better invested. So if you are located elsewhere, I am happy to be on site for kick-off and milestone meetings, but prefer to work remotely for the rest of the time.