Professional experience

  • Two decades of hands-on experience with web technologies and standards
  • 3 years development team lead
  • Familiarity with international projects, good organizational skills
  • Technical project management and consulting background
  • Broad knowledge about front-end, back-end and infrastructure topics
  • Focus on performance, web security and accessibility
  • Regular contributor to various open source projects

Recent projects

Enabling scaleable print workflows on premise and in the cloud

Print,  – 
  • Analyzing and optimizing existing workflows
  • Consulting on system architecture and infrastructure

Introducing automation to build a reliable platform for developers

Retail,  – 
  • Analyzing of existing system landscape and processes
  • Configuration management and packaging of applications with Helm
  • Automated roll-out of software components (GitOps) on Kubernetes
  • Creating and optimizing CI/CD pipelines for developers’ ease of use (GitLab)
  • Setup monitoring with Prometheus

Consulting and process optimization for various clients

  • Consulting on Kubernetes as foundation for a new PaaS startup
  • Defining infrastructure as code
  • Setting up monitoring with Prometheus
  • Dockerizing applications for parallel testing in build pipelines (GitLab)

Digital transition from a classic enterprise environment to the cloud

Insurance,  – 
  • Consulting on cloud setup, Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines
  • Developing and refining a blueprint Kubernetes setup for multiple teams on AWS
  • Software architecture for data management platform
  • Microservice implementation in Node.js, using Apache Kafka

Migrating existing applications and services onto Kubernetes

E-Commerce,  – 
  • Analyzing existing applications
  • Migrating them to Kubernetes, creating necessary tooling
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines

Product development of an international B2B marketplace

Aviation,  – 
  • Technical concept and product development
  • Software architecture and implementation in Node.js

Turning a big fashion online store from monolith into microservices

E-Commerce,  – 
  • Front-end and RESTful API development (Node.js)
  • Web performance and image optimization